Why do 98% of Father’s Day cards focus on flatulence and bass fishing when the dads I want to honor today— mine, Jay’s, and Jay himself— are most notable for their love of their families?

There is not a card, sleeve of golf balls or box of Omaha steaks that can get them where they live (nor properly express how much we appreciate and love these guys) as much as something from the heart of their kids/grandkids.

Something kinda like this

Father’s Day 2013
Jackson and Spencer
with special guests Maxwell (collar shake backup instrumental at the beginning)
Donna (off camera “Whoo!”)

Last fall, Jay started a new company. And, while things are going really well, it is also true that:

1. House reno has been non-existent. I don’t see how anyone could manage a start-up AND renovating a house.

2. Self-funding a start-up is expensive. Unless you’re Beyonce (and I assure you we share only a passing resemblance) I don’t think too many people who are starting a company also have a lot of spare cash lying around.

But, despite a lack of funds and a broken-down kitchen, there was absolutely no way I was going to let Jay’s 50th birthday go by without an appropriate amount of hoopla.

We’re having the party outside at the casa which is not a big house, but has lots of fun outdoor spaces. Although, it’s looking like Saturday afternoon is going to be furnacey. Considering if having a sprinkler available for everyone to jump through would be kitschy, icky or just plain smart.

The challenge is how to do it stylishly (not negotiable) and largely with the change scraped from under the couch cushions. I’ve been pondering and researching this lots the past few weeks and, with the party coming up Saturday, think I’ve landed on some pretty brill ideas for the decor. Not sure how it will all turn out so, for now, will only tell you that it includes this ream of red paper, twine, and some old white sheets. Intrigued? Yeah, me too.